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How to Deal with Plucking

Plucking is a common problem that many parrots may have. In fact, many Greys do pluck and nobody knows the reason why they do this. Even vets don't know why. But if your bird started plucking consider following the strategies mentioned below that might help.
Parotthouse - Parrot Plucking 1) Remove all products with peanuts, including peanut butter and peanut oil from your bird's diet. It is believed that there is some connection between eating peanuts and plucking.
2) If you smoke never handle a bird after smoking. Exposing the bird to smoke can provoke plucking.
3) The bird should get rest for 12 hours each night.
4) Make sure your bird can play alone in her cage under your supervision while you are in the room.
5) Fit some fresh, unsprayed willow branches in the cage. If your bird likes chewing them you will have to provide him with them at all time. Some ingredients in the bark are considered to help with itching.
6) Consider getting your bird sprayed with fresh cold water every day. Then let him air dry in a sunny area. You can take the collar off while you spray him, but make sure you replace the collar once the bird is dry.
7) Make sure your bird gets entertained every day. Offer him toys that stimulate mental and thinking abilities, such as knots to untie, mirrors to look at, music to play, treats to remove. Try to offer him something new or rotate them each day.
8) Play nature-sound tapes for him.
9) If the bird likes some TV show, leave the TV on when you leave home.
The ideas above are just the suggestions that can help you work out the solution to the problem. Each bird is unique and there is no universal treatment or recipe that would work for all birds. Sometimes male birds stop plucking after getting a girl friend. But this solution tends to work better with males rather than females.