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eBay, Amazon and Other Places to Buy Pet Supplies for Cheap

To buy pet supplies one can choose from the most obvious local pet stores around town. But if you're trying to keep on a budget or cut down how many places you drive when you run errands check out where pet supplies are available. The choices may be limited but the quality is good and the price is cheaper.

1. Internet shopping sites

There is also Craigslist, Ebay and Freecycle that offer great bargains on pet supplies. Make sure you check these sites when looking for a parrot cage or bird accessories to get the products you need with discount. You can save lots of time and money if you visit coupon or deal sites before you actually shop for pet supplies online. There you will find tons of the latest coupons and promo codes issued by the most popular and reputable retailers. For example, currently eBay offers 50% off Pet Supplies, but if you check out the eBay page at you can get an extra 15% off promo code to be applied with your purchase. Or consider visiting for buy one, get one 10% off eBay coupon.

2. Amazon

Amazon has a great selection and the best prices for everything. Also remember that you get free two-day shipping with a selection of other items or if you're a member of Amazon Prime. They are the largest online retailer.

3. Pharmacy

You may buy your shampoo, cough syrup and your prescription but you should consider dog and cat food at your pharmacy also. They often have lower prices than a pet retail store because there are membership club cards and specials.

4. Membership clubs

Costco and Sam's Club both have deep discounts on bulk food and clothing but they also have pet supplies that are discounted also.

5. Thrift stores

If you hang around thrift stores you can also check out what pet supplies people and donated. There is often times you can find slightly used beds, car seats or cat trees.

6. Hardware store

Some hardware stores have a pet section with cleaning, grooming and food.

7. Dollar store

The local $0.99 store sells pet supplies and toys. You can pick up a new leash or collar and that fun squeaky toy that your pet will love.

8. Consignment stores

Consignment stores often have a pet section again where you can find beds or crates. It can be a great deal and you can find great quality items for your pets so make sure you check it out.

9. Local animal shelters

There are humane societies and shelters that have pet supply sections for those who are new parents to a pet. Their prices can be the same as a pet store but oftentimes they offer sales and discounts.

10. Feed stores

If you live in the suburbs or in the country you might be able to find a feed store nearby. These are great places for pet supplies and have good deals because they focus on moving large quantities of products.