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How to Choose the Toys for Your Bird

To prevent your pet bird from feeling bored make sure you provide her with various toys. Pet toys not only entertain the pets but also provide some physical and mental exercise. Moreover, during your absence your pet should have something to be busy with, so toys are a real must-have. When choosing the right toys for your bird consider taking into account the following basic recommendations.
Parrot Toys Parotthouse There is a great variety of toys that can appeal to a bird. Some toys offer different textures that would stimulate the mouth and feet, some offer different colors and tastes, while others offer sounds for more audio appeal or even challenges, such as different puzzles or ladders.
Whatever toys you chose remember to rotate them weekly to pique your bird's interest in them.
Make sure the toys you choose are appropriate to your bird's size. Small toys and mirrors are good for small birds while larger birds will appreciate having thicker toys to play with.
Consider the chew factor. All birds love to chew and tear things apart. This is their natural behavior. So it makes sense to check the toys daily for damage. Throw any cracked toys away as they could break into small pieces and injure your bird.
It may take some time before you find the right toy for your bird. Keep experimenting with various safe toys until you find the one or ones your pets plays with most often. Find out what your bird's preferences are, and then you can choose custom-build toys from ready-made kits.
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