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How to prepare you parrot to learn Tricks

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So you have a wonderful, darling bird that is smart and does the cutest things, but when your friends come over he won't do anything and retreats to the furthest part of the cage. What do you do? There is a new online series that is just right for you. Training companion parrots to do tricks or having them interact is so much fun. It's a great way to bond with your bird since parents are extremely intelligent and have excellent memories. They love learning and receiving your attention and with love patience and kindness birds love their training sessions.

First Things First

Make sure your bird is tame and socialized, for example he must be willing to come to you, sit on your hand and allow you to touch them. They should also take food from your hand and have a certain trust between you and your bird before you start training. Complete trust is the key. Find a certain area, that is quiet and free from distraction so the bird will understand when it is at this location it is time to work. Have everything you need for training including food rewards. Most trainers find food rewards work best such as safflower seeds, almonds, raw sunflower seeds or banana chips. Use positive reinforcement and never punish the wrong moves or bad behaviors.

The first tracks in the upcoming articles on BirdChannel.com do not involve props. These are the" Turn Around”, the" Wave”," Shake Hands”. You can also include other tricks such as" Kiss”, shaking the head" Yes” or " No”, rolling over," playing dead” and the somersault. Two others that are very fun are" Taking a Bow” or the" Big Eagle”. All of these tricks can be taught without props. There are however the prop tricks which include putting a ball in the basket or rings on a peg all very simple.

This new online series by Tani Robar was first featured in the 2006 issues of Bird Talk magazine. She is a professional animal trainer who has spent years performing herself and teaching others to train their animals. She has produced several videos and DVDs to help people teach their parrots a variety of skills and tricks. She has appeared on Animal planets" Pet Star” a popular TV show.